Friday, November 16, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Maksim and Retrospect - The Funk (Original Mix)

The Funk (Original Mix) by Maksim & Retrospect on Grooveshark

"It's the funk | Parkour and Freerunning 2012" Leonid "Frame" Blednykh

Мои тренировки с весны и лета, как то так.
Some spring and summer trainings.
Canon 600D
Sigma 10-20mm

Maksim, Retrospect -- The Funk (Original Mix)

Video tags: frame, parkour, freerun, run, jump, training, Tricks, Extreme, Urban, Running, Free, Belle, Free Running, Gym, Wall, Tricks (film), Jump! (film), 3run, Flip, Street, Stunt, Running Free (Composition)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Feed Me - One Click Headshot

One Click Headshot by Feed Me! on Grooveshark

"Advanced Motion 3 - Teaser" World's Parkour Family

A little tease to our upcoming video Advanced Motion 3 which was filmed in Vienna/Austria

Athletes list

Christian Harmat
Kevin Fluri
Ruben aka Dr. Dubstep
Waldi der kleine Müller
Wikipedia Meyer
Der Vitale
Mark DoubleDash Busch
Luis "always pain" Alkmim
Die Ungarn Abelswell, Tomi, Adam, Trobo, Gingerboy, David speeders, no paulo, no willis...

• Direction and Production: WPF, Gimme10
• Concept/Idea: Christian Harmat, Kevin Fluri, Tunc Leech Uysaler
• Editing: Tunc Leech Uysaler
• Animation/Intro: Markus Svatek ( )
• Operator: Tunc Leech Uysaler, TROBOTEKS, Adam the Lachner, Carlito Boss Meyer,..
• Sound: Feed Me - One Click Headshot
• Camera: Canon EOS 7D, 550D, 60D
• Special thanks: All of you

Video tags: wpfproduction, austrianbeatboxchamp, gimme10, worlds parkour family, wpf, harmat, fluri, müller, abel, tomi, vitaly, alkmim, wtf

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Madeon - Minimix (Annie Mac Radio 1)

Minimix (Annie Mac Radio 1) by Madeon on Grooveshark

"Cory DeMeyers - AOM SANTORINI Submission" Cory DeMeyers

Name: Cory DeMeyers
Age: 24
Location: Hollywood, CA
Team: Tempest Freerunning

This is my submission for Art of Motion Santorini, all the footage was captured in Hollywood, CA in one day over a period of 7 hours on July 14, 2012 .

I competed in Red Bull Art of Motion in Boston in 2010 & was Invited to Red Bull AOM in Detroit 2011.

Video tags: Tempest, Freerunning, Red, Bull, Art, Of, Motion, AOM, Cory, DeMeyers, Parkour, Tricking, (Sport), Santorini, Greece, Gainer, Flip, Back, Cork, Corkscrew, Double, Leg, Cartfull, Run, Extreme, Tricks, Running